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Cement Engineering

  1. New dry process cement plant;
  2. Suspension preheating;
  3. Cement Grinding Plant;
  4. Waste heat power generation in cement plant;
  5. Carbide slag Cement line;
  6. Calcium aluminate cement line;
  7. Pure coal type white cement plant;
  8. Calcium sulphoaluminate cement plant;
  9. Cement rotary kiln waste heat utilization;
  10. Active lime plant.

Environment Protection

  1. Cement kiln synergistic treatment of municipal solid waste system;
  2. Urban sludge reduction and harmless treatment;
  3. Sludge production ceramsite production line;
  4. Sludge production of lightweight permeable brick sponge brick;
  5. Sludge production and construction of ceramic;
  6. Oil sludge harmless treatment;
  7. Refinery sludge harmless treatment;
  8. Chemical plant soil repair;

Oil Shale Distillation

  1. Daily processing of 300 tons of oil shale asphalt rock production line;
  2. Daily processing 600 tons of oil shale asphalt rock production line;
  3. Daily processing of 1,200 tons of oil shale asphalt rock production line;
  4. Indonesian asphalt processing;
  5. Petroleum coke utilization;
  6. Oil shale retort furnace;
  7. Sludge treatment Furnace;
  8. Oil sands retort;
  9. Oil shale crusher;
  10. Asphalt rock crusher

Comprehensive Utilization

  1. Waste heat collection rotary kiln;
  2. Power generation of carbon plant;
  3. Waste heat generation lime kiln; 
  4. Waste heat recovery and utilization;
  5. Biomass power generation machine;
  6. Waste heat generation of power plant;
  7. Wind-cooled slag power plant;
  8. Wind-cooling slag machine; 
  9. New energy high temperature storage;
  10. Abandonment of wind and light storage energy.
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