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Luoyang Science and Technology Bureau visit our institute

In June 22nd, Wang Jianjun and Lin Mingyan, director of the Luoyang Science and Technology Bureau, led a group of six people in charge of related departments and came to our institute to investigate project innovation.
The leaders of our institute first made work reports to the leadership of the Municipal Bureau of sience and technology, and gave a detailed introduction to the recent innovation projects in our institute, such as the biomass energy comprehensive utilization project, ultra-high calcium powder production project, the calcium powder industrial park cooperation project, and the sludge carbonization treatment project.
Afterwards, Secretary Wang visited the R&D center of our institute. The leaders of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has fully affirmed a series of achievements in science and technology innovation and technology research and development for our institute. It is hoped that the firm will be firmly confident, continue to increase the investment in science and technology,Improve the ability of independent innovation and enchance competitiveness of the market. The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will provide quality services and strong support for enterprises to enhance their scientific and technological strength.
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