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Learn lime preheater in 3 min

  The lime preheater is one of the main equipment for active lime production line. The main function of the preheater is to feed the limestone material from the upper part to the preheater, at the same time, the material will be evenly preheated to 900℃ through the kiln exhausting high temperature waste gas (1150℃ ), in the preheating process, total 30% CaCO3 have been decomposed in the preheater and then pushed into the rotary kiln by the hydraulic push rod. The calcining process not only reduces the calcining time in the kiln greatly, but also able to produce the high activity lime.

The basic structure of the lime preheater consists of:

1)The upper feed system of lime preheater: mainly including of the upper silo and the feed pipe, the way and structure could ensure the safety and air tight in the process of feeding.

2)The main body of the lime preheater: it is the most important part to guarantee the material could be preheated to 900℃ more or less. It is composed of  preheating chamber, a suspension device and a firebrick lining (which does not belong to the scope of the design and manufacture of the equipment).

3)Lime preheater push device: mainly including pusher, frame and connection rod and etc.


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Active lime production line

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