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What is the source sand and stone

Mine exploitation has become the main source of sand and gravel materials. With the development of the country, the demand for sand and gravel materials is increasing. The sand and gravel materials are mainly used in some large engineering industries such as construction, railway and highway


Which equipment is mainly composed of sand and gravel production line?

The gravel production line is mainly composed of the jaw crusher, impact crusher,  vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor,  sand making machine, sand washing machine, stone washing machine, fine crushing machine and others equipment.


What is the process of sand production line ?

The flow of Sand production line:((Stock bin) →Vibrating feeder → jaw crusher → fine crusher → sand making machine → sand washing machine → vibrating screen.

The flow of the stone production line: (silo) → vibrating feeder → jaw crusher → impact crusher → stone washing machine → vibrating screen.


Luoyang Building Materials and Architectural Design and Research Institute specializes in the design of sand and gravel production lines, and the supporting scheme for the entire production line. It has many years of practical experience. If you have any technical problems or other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Slag micro powder production line

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