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Classification of biomass gasification processes: using gasification medium and not using gasification medium

Biomass gasification can be divided into two types: using gasification medium and not using gasification medium. The former can be subdivided into air gasification, oxygen gasification, steam gasification, hydrogen gasification, etc. the latter has thermal decomposition gasification. What LCDRI adopts is just the  thermal decomposition gasification. The calorific values obtained by different gasification technologies are different, so their application fields are also different.

LCDRI uses the guiding thought of engineering application, a rotary biomass gasification retorting furnace has been developed, and the problems of coking and low rate of operation have been tackled. Adopting the modular design concept, the whole equipment has the characteristics of high integration, small occupied area (data) and short installation period, etc.

The advanced automatic control system is adopted to realize the functions of one button start and stop, information detection, fault warning and so on. The whole system adopts the distributed energy design scheme, which is very suitable for the layout of towns and farms.


Not only that, LCDRI adopts the leading domestic expertise to ensure the realization of ultra-low pollutant emissions. Taking Beijing as an example, the discharge of air pollutants in our institute is superior to that in China's highest Beijing standard.


Comparison of the Emission of Air Pollutants in the Project


Particulate Matter


Carbon Dioxide


Nitrogen Oxide


Carbon Monoxide


Beijing City Standard





LCDRI Project Reach Value






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