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Energy saving and utilization of rotary kiln

Cement rotary kiln use heat energy to combust raw material, but lot of high temperature exhaust gas will be generated during the production process, the exhausting will cause amount of heat energy loss, and serious resource waste, in order to improve the the heat utilized rate of cement rotary kiln, the reuse of waste heat of cement rotary kiln could be realized through the optimized combination of cement process technology and waste heat regeneration technology,


Nowadays, the person who worked in cement industry is dedicating the research to reduce the clinker heat consumption and cement power consumption, and the person who worked in waste heat regeneration field is dedicating the research to improve the utilization rate of waste heat and power generating capacity. In addition to the pre decomposition system is widely used in the preheater, the waste heat power generation technology use the high temperature gas or flue gas, to introduce waste heat boiler, which makes the boiler steam to drive turbogenerator, the generated electric energy could be used for production and operation, and the virtuous cycle of energy conservation and environmental protection has been realized.


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