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The colorful cement family

There are many kinds of cement, the cement we use daily have been called ordinary portland cement. So except from the normal knowledge of cement, what kind of knowledge about cement we have no idea? Now let’s take a look at different types of cement and its uses:


  1. Rapid Hardening Portland Cement:1. Road Pavement Works; 2. Precast concrete casting;

  2. Sulphate Resisting Cement:1. Pile foundation; 2. In Coastal area Works; 3. Sewage and water treatment plants;

  3. Low Heat Cement:1. Mass Construction(Dams, Marine constructions); 2. Hydraulic Engineering Concrete; 3. Retaining wall construction;

  4. Quick Setting Cement:1. In Underwater Constructions; 2. In Cold and Rainy weather Conditions;  

  5. Portland Pozzolana Cement:1. It is cheap and affordable; 2. Mainly used in building construction where strength required with age; 3. Water tightness;

  6. High Alumina Cement:Used in Sewage structures and in acidic structures;

  7. Coloured Cement:1. Artificial Marble; 2. Floor finishing;  

  8. White Ordinary Portland Cement:1. Used as a base coat before painting; 2. Used to cover the hairline cracks on concrete surface to give smooth finish;

  9. Air Entraining Cement:Used in frost resistance concrete (like said, frost also makes gap in concrete like water);

  10. Hydrophobic Cement :Useful when cement is stored for longer duration in wet climatic conditions;

  11. Expansive Cement:1. Used in repair works (to create a bond with old concrete surface); 2. Used in Hydraulic Structures;


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