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Waste incineration technology of Rotary kiln type

Waste incineration process of Rotary kiln type : feeding system + rotary kiln + second combustion chamber + waste heat boiler + quenching tower + dry deacidification tower + activated carbon injection + bag filter + cooling tower + wet scrubber + cooling tower +Fume gas heater + induced draft fan + chimney. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, printing and dyeing, automotive, machinery and other industries, industrial waste, hazardous waste treatment,also can be used for incineration of medical waste; it can treatment wastes of various phases .Such as solid , liquid , semi-solid at the same time. For example: sludge, high-concentration organic waste liquid, ink, chemical waste, etc.

Waste treatment process flow chart:


Luoyang Building Materials and Architectural Design and Research Institute (LCDRI ) develop and invent a set of  production line waste incineration ,adopt indirect heat desorption process,  low consumption, high efficient, . Welcome to visit our company for more information.

Waste Incineration rotary kiln


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