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On October 25, Ye Danian, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his team went to Luoyang Building Materials Design and Research Institute to conduct work research.  Zhao Yingchao dean of our institute introduced to the academician Ye Danian several inventions and researches of our institute in the past year. Academician Ye Danian has newly developed environmental protection engineering projects (biomass dry distillation furnace project and garbage disposal project).Give a very high affirmation.

In recent years, the cement industry has tended to be saturated, and the country's requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection gradually become higher. Considering various factors, all cement plants constantly carrying out the upgrading works. The complexity of the new dry process management is the non-reproducibility, even use the same design and drawings, the adjacent two production lines may have a great difference in production quality, consumption and so on, due to the construction of refractory , adjustment of coal injection pipe, process operation level, and etc. In order to reduce the production cost of cement clinker, the most effective way is to increase the output of cement clinker, reduce fuel consumption and electricity, it is necessary to find out the bottleneck and improve it. The following introduction give us a direction to improve the production.

At present, the method commonly used for the treatment of garbage is incineration. Incineration can improve the recovery rate of garbage. It is a relatively reliable method. The equipment required is incineration rotary kiln. The incineration rotary kiln has the basic characteristics of non-polluting and low energy consumption in the incineration process. It is the exclusive equipment for treating waste.This article will provide a detailed introduction to the equipment for incineration rotary kiln.

The generation of garbage is inevitable in our life, especially in cities with a large population, the amount of garbage is very large, and the method of filling is usually used for the treatment. Although this method temporarily does not pollute for the environment,but the refuse degradation needs very long time ,and also occupy a large area.

Waste incineration process of Rotary kiln type : feeding system + rotary kiln + second combustion chamber + waste heat boiler + quenching tower + dry deacidification tower + activated carbon injection + bag filter + cooling tower + wet scrubber + cooling tower +Fume gas heater + induced draft fan + chimney. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, printing and dyeing, automotive, machinery and other industries, industrial waste, hazardous waste treatment,also can be used for incineration of medical waste; it can treatment wastes of various phases .Such as solid , liquid , semi-solid at the same time. For example: sludge, high-concentration organic waste liquid, ink, chemical waste, etc.

Waste treatment process flow chart:

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