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Ball mill

LCDRI energy-efficient ball mill equipment is a new equipment to transform the basis of the traditional ball mill and it changed the original mill structure.

    Cylinder Diameter: Φ1.5-Φ4.0m
    Capacity: 10-1000t/d
    Motor Power: 90-3300kw
    Applicable material: Cement, slag, steel slag, nickel slag, coal and various mineral ore

Process description

Material is fed by the feeding device into the first chamber where material is impacted and crushed to a certain size by the grinding medium with average big diameter ball and then into the second chamber through the welt.
In it there are average small balls to further grind the material. After grinding, the material passing through the discharging grate plate and discharged out from the bottom of the discharging device, then selected by the matched separator, coarse powder will be ground again and qualified powder will become final product. Ball mill is composed of feeding device, feed and discharging sliding shoe bearing, transmission part, discharging device and sliding shoe bearing lubrication and central transmission device, for example, main reducer and lubrication device,main motor,slow drive device,etc.


Model Output 
Ratate speed
Feed size


Media load



Drive mode Motor
Main reducer Weight
Φ2.4*13 21-23 20.30  25 65 51.7  Rim drive 800 JDX710 116
Φ2.6*13 21-38 19.61  25 75 60.0  Rim drive 1000 JDX800 149
Φ3.0*13 33-37 18.08  25 108 80.9  Rim drive 1400 JDX900 172.3
Φ3.2*13 45-50 18.04  25 128 92.4  Rim drive 1600 MBY1000
Φ3.2*13 48-52 18.04  25 138 99.8  Rim drive 1800 MBY1000 228
Φ3.4*13 45-50 18.00  25 115 94.0  Rim drive 1600 MBY1000 205
Φ3.5*13 55-60 17.00  25 160 111.2  Rim drive 2000 MBY1000
Φ3.8*13 66 16.40  25 195 129.3  Rim drive 2500 MFYX250 286
Φ4.0*13 80-85 15.50  25 235 155.0  Central drive 2800 JS140-A


transmission part)

Φ4.2*13 (closed-circuit) 140-155 15.60  25 240 157.0  Central drive 3550 JS150-B


transmission part)

Φ4.6*13 (closed-circuit) 10-180 15.70  25 292 210.0  Central drive 4500 MFY450


transmission part)



  • Advanced lathe, precised process technology

          LCDRI have few 5.3x18m heavy digital display horizontal lathe, can process high-precision cylinder to guarantee the no-circular rate and concentricity of slip ring processing to minimize the error. Cylinder is key-module for mill,carries on the finite element analysis with computer to ensure its reliability.

  • Various transmission way, compact structure

          Cylindrical mill adopts edge transmission, center drive, multipoint meshing transmission, etc. Type of drive have asynchronous motor, reducer, pinion, gear and synchronous motor, air clutch device, pinion, gear. Large and medium mill is equipped with slow drive device and high and low pressure lubrication station.

  • Advanced supporting way

         Generally adopts two ends static and dynamic pressure bearing supporting method, using completely closed 1200line contact “joystick”type bearing, which can also use single slipper, double slipper static and dynamic pressure way of support or total static pressure support.

  • American design criteria

          Large open gear adopts U.S.AGMA standard design and equipped with a reliable sealing of the gear cover and glycerol spray lubrication device, control and protection system adopts PLC control.



Pre-sales Service:

The wide product range enables us to provide our customers with stand-alone machines or complete processing plants. Based on our customers’ request and budget, our experts make efficient, reliable solutions. Following customers’ order, we produce strictly, further more, before placing the order, every customer has the chance to visit LCDRI working machines or complete plant in the site.

To ease the trip for every visitor to China, in particular the first-time visitor, we provide all relevant visitor-friendly services including invitation letter preparation, hotel reservation, airport pick-up, incity transportation, and sightseeing guide, etc.

After-sales Service:

Experienced technicians guidance is available on the phone, and on the internet. One or more engineers will be dispatched to the quarry site to help install the customers’ plants. Necessary training about machine daily maintenance to local workers is provided also.

After-Sales department is made of well-trained employees and installation engineers, the installation engineers are special and professional members of LCDRI, they are now strategically located home and abroad, working for our customers.

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